You may think No Nut November is people cutting out nuts from their diet plans. However, it is an annual event that encourages men to go thirty days without ejaculating. Possibly inspired by Movember, many think that by completing No Nut November it is a display of willpower and strength.

November brings along many fun challenges to complete such as Movember, whereby men refuse to shave throughout the month of November.

Whether you are taking part in No Nut November or not, you’ll find realms of hilarious memes on Twitter, where people are using #NoNutNovember to share their thoughts.

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19 No Nut November Memes that will burst you into laughter!

Many people have logged straight onto Twitter to follow the No Nut November memes that have been going viral. These are 19 of the most hilarious Twitter reactions – try not to laugh!

1. Keep your eyes up Kings, don’t fail this early on!

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2. A poem resemblant of a Shakespeare sonnet

3. Man down!

4. When you think an ice cream looks thicc, it’s only downhill from here

8. Even things in the shop seem relatable

9. It has given some people superpowers like no other

10. Only fans subscriptions could get cancelled

11. Boys are playing hard to get this month

12. The anger this challenge builds up is *astronomical*

13. Give up guys, that was SO last year!

14. We’re just here for the memes tbh

15. Don’t get it twisted, there’s a different No Nut November for the innocent

16. December is so close, but yet so far

17. This challenge has taught people a spiritual lesson

18. The Simpsons even follow No Nut November

19. Raise your hand if you took part…

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