As the election results dawn closer, some people aren’t so happy about White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s Twitter spree during election night.

Anyone invested in the election is probably glued to their phones right now – whether they’re watching the TikTok livestreams of the votes or looking at memes on Twitter. The case is no different for Kayleigh McEnany, who’s been live-tweeting the election results all night.

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Why Kayleigh McEnany’s Twitter caused an uproar

With a following of over 1m on Twitter, it’s inevitable that some of MnEnany’s tweets would not land well with everyone, but her latest religious ones have upset more than a few of her followers.

Over the course of election night, Trump’s press secretary tweeted: “GOD IS IN CONTROL” followed by exclamation mark emojis and praying hand. She then pinned the tweet to her account.

This tweet followed an earlier one, in which she says she heard people in the streets of Washington singing songs about God.

Followers’ reactions to the religious tweets

Plenty took the opportunity to point out that religion shouldn’t have a place in politics:

Others joked that Trump thinks he’s God:

While some felt it was time for McEnany to come off Twitter for the night:

It’s not just her religious tweets either

Kayleigh MnEnany’s Twitter musings on the election have prompted some users to reply that her predictions on swing states are premature.

In response to a tweet about Trump winning Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania by “ENORMOUS margins”, some felt she was misleading people.

McEnany’s history on Twitter

This wouldn’t be the first time the Trump staff has caused a stir on Twitter either. Earlier on in the election Kayleigh McEnany was banned by the social platform for a tweet regarding the now-debunked Hunter Biden email story.

Twitter claimed her sharing the story violated its “distribution of hacked material” rules. However, some felt her banning was a form of censorship in favour of Biden on Twitter’s part, as she wasn’t the only political figure to be banned because of the same contentious article.