If you’ve done your civic duty and want to proudly show that to your Facebook friends, then look no further – here’s how to share you voted on Facebook.

If there’s anything this election has made clear, it’s that social media can definitely influence voting – whether it’s celebrities encouraging turnout by breast pumping or rappers going on stage with Trump and sharing it on Instagram.

So you want to play your part too and share that you voted on Facebook? Don’t worry, we’ve got you – here’s how to do it.

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Is there an I Voted 2020 button?

In the lead-up to the election, Facebook introduced their Voter Registration Centre, which included a pop-up feature at the top of American users’ newsfeeds that prompted them to vote. However, it’s unclear if there is a similar feature for showing you voted this November.

The Facebook Voter Registration Centre provided information on registering to vote and also gave users the option to share on their page that they’ve registered.

In 2012, Facebook used a similar tool for election day, which let users share an “I Voted” button. It was later reported that an additional 270,000 votes were cast because of this feature.

In Facebook’s statement about this year’s Voter Registration Centre however, there is no mention of an “I Voted” button, only the “share you registered” one you will have already seen. Instead Facebook report they will show the results of the election at the top of the newsfeed.

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How to share you voted on Facebook

With Facebook’s handy profile picture frames however, you can show that you voted and even who you voted for – an extra detail the 2012 button didn’t have.

If you’re from a swing state and looking to show your family and friends that you helped changed the results, this might be for you!

You can choose to add either a generic I Voted frame, a state-specific I Voted frame or even a frame dedicated to your chosen party or candidate.

All you have to do is:

1 – Go to facebook.com/profilepicframes

2- In the search box type in I Voted followed by your state or party (or leave as I Voted)

3 – Frames will appear on the left side of the screen. You can choose which suits you and select it.

4 – Reposition your profile picture to suit the frame

5- Select at the bottom how long you’d like to have the frame for.

6 – click ‘use as profile picture’

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Digital I Voted 2020 stickers

Alternatively, you can download a virtual version of the classic I Voted 2020 sticker to share on your Facebook feed as an image. You can download more generic ones like this or a state-specific one. Some states have their own, so simply google your state’s digital I Voted sticker.

Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

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