Kanye West was a surprise entry in the 2020 US election but just how many votes did the rapper win in the race to become president?

The 2020 US election campaign has been one of the most chaotic, exhausting and fiercely fought in living memory.

With so much attention on Joe Biden and Donald Trump as the two front runners, many often forget that the presidential election actually consists of candidates from a range of parties and as well as independent candidates.

One surprise addition to the ballot in 2020 was the rap star, Kanye West who made his unexpected entry into politics in this year’s election.

But just how did Kanye West fare in the 2020 election? How many votes did the rapper receive?

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Kanye West concedes the 2020 election

Kanye West first hinted at his intention to run in the 2020 election in 2016 and officially announced that he was running for president on July 4th, 2020.

Kanye confirmed that this year’s election would be the first time that he has voted in an election but in true Kanye style, he voted for himself.

Posting on Twitter, Kanye said: “God is so good. Today I am voting for the first time in my life for the President of the United States, and it’s someone I truly trust… me.”

Unfortunately for fans of the rapper, Kanye West has already conceded in the race for the White House according to the New York Post after failing to win enough support.

How many votes did Kanye West get?

  • Kanye West currently has 61,992 votes to his name and could win more with counting still ongoing in some states.

According to stats from the Associated Press, Kanye’s campaign in 12 states has seen him earn a total of 61,922 votes so far with more results still waiting to be announced.

The biggest turnout for the rapper has come in the state of Tennessee where he earned an impressive 10,216 votes.

  • Arkansas: 4,067
  • Colorado: 6,993
  • Idaho: 3,632
  • Iowa: 3,202
  • Kentucky: 6,259
  • Louisiana: 4,894
  • Minnesota: 7,916
  • Mississippi: 3,319
  • Oklahoma: 5,590
  • Tennessee: 10,216
  • Utah: 4,568
  • Vermont: 1,266

However, for comparison, Joe Biden and Donald Trump have 72,110,951 (264) and 68,643,544 (214) votes at the time of writing according to the Associated Press with plenty of key-state results still to come in.

After a pretty lacklustre performance in the 2020 election, Kanye West has not been fazed and has already signalled his attention to run as a candidate in the 2024 election.

Social media reacts to Kanye’s election campaign

While the wait continues for a definitive result in the presidential race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, many have taken to social media to discuss Kanye’s short-lived run for the White House.

This Twitter user turned to The Simpsons for a summary of Kanye’s campaign.

While TV critic and broadcaster, Toby Earle posted:

Former football player turned Match of the Day presenter in the UK, Gary Lineker, joked:

And finally, this Twitter user asked how a picture wasn’t available for Kanye West, one of the biggest celebrities in the world:

The final day of voting in the 2020 US election took place on November 3rd, 2020.

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