TikTok is the new hotspot for teens and young adults on social media, and the app has everything from dance videos, to comedy and more.

A big part of TikTok is making sure to choose the perfect username… after all, a name can be very important!

Teens everywhere are searching for the right name to fit their “aesthetic” which is also a big part of the app.

Aesthetic TikTok names

While the most popular accounts on TikTok are people’s full names (Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae etc.) some accounts opt for a more unique username.

The best way to pick a name is to pick something personal, which fits the vibe of your account. For example, if you’re an account about clothes, get related words in there such as “fashion” or “garms” or even “threads”.

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There are plenty of name generators out there on the internet, and you can even search for specific types of names such as “earthy names” or “bold names.”

Aesthetic is all about what suits you, so choosing something which matches your vibe is what will work best. However, if you have a hard time choosing you could also use a random word generator.

Best aesthetic TikTok names

Here are our tips for the best aesthetic TikTok names:

  • Look around your room- find things which relate to you
  • Use a random word generator for a more edgy, obscure tone
  • Figure out your vibe- choose words which match that (e.g. if you are into Cottagecore opt for words like “fairy” or “woodland”)
  • Make sure to put a colour in your username
  • Search around for your fave accounts- take inspiration from them!

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