Pokémon Go’s meta league is to gain a brand new category – the Little Cup is designed for small, cute Pokémon, so picking the best team is a little different to most tournaments.

The Little Cup has shown up in various multiplayer Pokémon games, dating back to Pokémon Stadium 2 on the Nintendo 64. The tournament gives smaller Pokémon that otherwise might not be competitively viable their own chance to shine.

The Little Cup will be available in the game’s Season Five, which will begin on November 9th and will run for three weeks.

What is the Little Cup in Pokémon Go?

In Pokémon Go, the Little Cup rules state that only unevolved Pokémon who are under 500CP can participate. The Pokémon must have an evolution, but must be at the start of its evolutionary line – so, Pichu can compete permissable, but Pikachu cannot.

The Little Cup isn’t the only new tournament coming to the game. Season Five will also gain the Kanto Cup, which will only admit the original 151 Pokémon from the first generation, and the Catch Cup, which will only permit Pokémon that have been caught relatively recently.

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The internet being what it is, Pokémon Go players are already picking apart the Little Cup’s meta game to try and find the best possible Pokémon to field in order to win big.

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Which are the best Pokémon in the Little Cup meta game?

Pokémon Go players have decided that Bronzor is the strongest Pokémon in the Little Cup, and the best candidate in the meta game. The Steel/Psychic Type which evolves into Bronzong has a tremendously tough Defense and Special Defense, which is hard for the small Little Cup combatants to crack.

Other strong choices include the Dragon Type Deino, the Psychic Type Wynaut (known for its ability to counter most attacks), and Shadow Stunky, a common reward for facing Team Rocket grunts.

The common factor among the Little Cup meta rankings are defense. Try to field a team that can stand up to some damage, as most combatants in the Little Cup are simply too weak to be able to hit hard.

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