The recent release of Ninja Assassin on Netflix has given fans renewed hope that a sequel to the classic neo-noir martial arts film could be produced.

If you are a fan of grizzly, gruesome martial arts movies, you will have likely watched (and loved) the classic 2009 neo-noir movie Assassin Ninja.

It’s been more than a decade since the film premiered and many diehard fans had lost hope that a sequel to Assassin Ninja would be produced.

However, the recent release of Assassin Ninja on Netflix has given many renewed hopes that a sequel could one day be made.

Will there be a Ninja Assassin 2?

  • Unfortunately, Ninja Assassin 2 was never an idea that was fully endorsed and at the time of writing, it appears unlikely that fans will ever see a sequel to the classic 2009 film.

Before Ninja Assassin premiered, producer Joel Silver did reveal that there was a concept for a sequel. The director James McTeigue also confirmed that discussions for a Nina Assassin 2 had taken place, but the team were waiting to gauge how well the film performed at the box office before making a call.

Unfortunately, it appears that Ninja Assassin didn’t perform to the standards needed to merit a sequel, making $60 million in cinemas and $20 million on DVD in comparison to its $40 million budget.

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Then there is the issue with the production team itself, with the legendary Wachowski sisters essentially retiring from filmmaking following poor responses to Jupiter Ascending (2015) and Cloud Atlas (2012).

There is a possibility that a sequel to Assassin Ninja could be produced without the Wachowski’s. However, considering how central the sisters were in production and the poor box office performance, as well as the lack of news concerning a sequel since the 2009 release, Assassin Ninja 2 will probably never happen.

Could Netflix’s release kickstart Ninja Assassin 2?

Thankfully, there may be a slither of hope for Assassin Ninja 2, as the movie has just been released on Netflix to a fabulous global reception.

With Netflix’s seemingly infinite resources and power within the industry, the streaming platform could easily force a renewal if they saw potential in making Ninja Assassin 2 an original production.

One thing is for certain, the people are craving more neo-noir martial arts action.

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