FIFA 21 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and it will land on next-generation consoles in December along with Madden. With the game now available to play, lots of people are asking about how to do a low driven shot. Here you’ll discover how to score a low driven shot in FIFA 21 on PS4 and Xbox One so you can beat any goalie from David De Gea to Manuel Neur.

Title update 4 should now be available to download for FIFA 21 on PS4 and Xbox One, and this should bring about changes to a wide variety of aspects from refereeing to gameplay. One of the changes mentioned in the patch notes is “adjusted referee logic in potential yellow card scenarios,” so hopefully this means referees will no longer be giving yellow cards for every minor love tap or for simply breathing in the direction of world class divers like Raheem Sterling and Mo Salah.

You can check out the patch notes for title update 4, otherwise keep reading to discover how to do and score a low driven shot.

How to score low driven shots on FIFA 21

You score and do a low driven shot on FIFA 21 for PS4 by holding L1 and R1 while pressing circle to shoot.

As for Xbox One, you do and score a low driven shot in FIFA 21 by holding RB and LB while pressing B to perform a strike.

While the above is the buttons you need to hold and press, you also need to aim the left stick of your controller to determine where you want to place your shot.

To better score low driven shots in FIFA 21, you’re better off aiming for the corners rather than straight at the keeper.

While you need to aim correctly and ensure that you don’t hold down the shoot button for too long, you also need to ensure that both shoulder buttons are held down simultaneously.

This is because you’ll perform either a chip or finesse instead of a low driven shot depending on which shoulder button you’re exclusively holding down.

The low driven shot is a great way to score in FIFA 21, but you’re probably better off at just aiming at the near post as even the best keepers are still useless in saving even the tamest strikes at their near corner.

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