The American presidential election has opened up opportunities for meme warriors to create some hilarious content. People’s days have been brightened with Election Day memes that have been floating around social media – these are 19 of the best!

People across America are going out today, November 3rd, to cast their votes to secure their next President.

The stress of the Donald Trump–Joe Biden face-off has turned people to posting hilarious Election Day memes to Twitter. Here are the 10 best Twitter reactions as the polls come to a close.

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Election Day memes 2020: 19 best Twitter reactions as polls come to a close!

  • Even people who don’t live in the United States are holding their breath as they await the results. Many have found that going over to Twitter and laughing at the Election Day memes, decreases the nerves.

1. People don’t know whether to laugh or cry

2. If only we could vote for Rick Astley

3. What ever happens, memes will keep us going

4. Patience is a virtue, Spongebob!

5. Moodboards seem to be the best way to express emotions

6. When a tune like Allstar by Smash Mouth stops, it’s not good news

7. 2 shots of vodka…

8. Counting how many sleeps until the big day, yet getting no sleep

9. Anyone else want to know who ‘he’ is?

10. We love the memes and we wont stop ’til we get enough!

11. Us thinking about every scenario possible when laying in bed

12. A second wave breakdown is impending

13. Words can’t even be spoken, just *screaming* and [groaning]

14. Bro, this is straight-up scary

15. Non Election Day memes are a helpful distraction

16. This facial expression sums up how everyone is feeling right now

17. This dogs face is a 2020 mood altogether

18. Many Twitter users seem fed up with it all

19. Cry me a river… or the Pacific Ocean

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