After his Batman Halloween costume fail, Travis Scott now gets to look forward to all the memes he will be in for the next couple of days.

Unfortunately, we live in the digital age filled with memes, pranks and trolls. So if you slip up, you are guaranteed to be the butt of the joke and no one can escape, not even celebrities.

Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage

Rapper Travis Scott was reminded of this after posting a series of photos of him standing proudly in his brown Batman suit. He chose brown instead of the traditional black since it is his signature colour.

Travis was immediately ridiculed for his costume, which led to him deactivating his account.

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Meme Reactions to Travis’ Batman blunder

The internet has no mercy for the rapper, after pointing out his resemblance to a cockroach.

Fans also commented on how he looks very similar to Count Chocula, the vampire mascot of the breakfast cereal, and how he is the discount version of the superhero.

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