It hasn’t even been two days, but the internet have given themselves an excuse to insist that ‘No Nut November’ is cancelled this year due to COVID-19.

November is a month of many things: bonfire night, the overwhelming release of Christmas merchandise and the start of the race to find someone for cuffing season. However, the most dreaded event of all is undoubtedly ‘No Nut November’ (NNN), the holy month of abstinence.

If you have spent any time online, then you would have definitely heard of this viral trend. Every year, the challenge encourages participants to resist both sex and masturbation until December. According to the internet, completion of the annual event is a sign of willpower and strength.

It is related to the official ‘Movemeber’ event, where every November, men do not shave their facial hair to raise awareness for male health problems, such as prostate cancer.

What are the rules of No Nut November?

According to subreddit r/nonutnovember, there are 4 rules to the challenge:

  1. You may not ‘nut’
  2. No loopholes or exemptions e.g. birthday sex
  3. All participants welcome
  4. Time zones matter – the challenge must begin and end on the first day of November and December in your timezone.

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Is NNN 2020 cancelled?

It is unsurprising for people to come up with any excuse to not complete the challenge, but this year, the explanation may be reasonable.

The online communities are considering cancelling ‘No Nut November’ due to the Coronavirus. With the tighter lockdown restrictions, it means that once again, people have to stay home with not much else to do, so it’s unfair to take this away from everyone.

2020 has already been rough so don’t make it even harder!

Instead, people have trying to replace it with ‘Non-stop Nut November’.

While some are criticising those attempting to cancel it, because they already had their time back in the first lockdown:

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