Netflix’s hit crime-comedy anime ‘Great Pretender’ was a steal, but when will season 2 release around the world on the streaming platform?

From The Seven Deadly Sins and Castlevania to Beastars and Aggretsuko, Netflix has some great anime series for you to binge.

The latest addition to the genre is Great pretender, an anime about high-stakes swindling, con-artists and shady business deals all presented in a gorgeous visual style.

In this article, we breakdown when season 2, which is technically season 1 part two, will officially release on Netflix.

Will there be a second season of the hit anime?

  • Yes, there is a second season of Great Pretender, although the series is actually split into two parts, rather than different seasons.

Season 1 of Great Pretender is technically a two-cour instalment, with the 14 episodes that were released in August being ‘Part One’.

This leaves a remaining nine episodes from season 1 to be released, with the second arc being titled as ‘Case 4: Wizards of the Far East.’

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The second season, i.e. the content after the upcoming release of ‘Season 1: Part Two’, is yet to be officially confirmed by either Netflix or Wit Studio.

However, with how popular the series is both nationally in Japan and around the world, Great Pretender will likely steal a renewal for another season.

Great Pretender season 2 release date…

  • Great Pretender season 2, aka season 1 part two, will arrive on Netflix on Wednesday, November 25th, 2020.

In Japan, part one of the anime was initially released in three instalments; June 2nd, 9th and 16th respectively, with the second part then releasing on September 21st.

Outside of Japan, the remaining 9 episodes from Great Pretender season 1 are scheduled to release in late-November, just a few months after their national premiere.

We will bring you updates on the second season/part of Great Pretender as more information is revealed.

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