Is Truth Seekers season 2 confirmed? Let’s explore the Amazon series’ renewal status and consider when new episodes may reach fans.

Fan of comedy?

Fan of horror?

Well, Truth Seekers offers audiences the best of both worlds!

When reflecting on the rich history of horror-comedies there are a wealth of gems that stand out, whether we’re talking Zombieland, What We Do in the Shadows, Army of Darkness, Scream or The Frighteners.

Many would argue that the very best to blend the two genres in recent decades is 2004’s Shaun of the Dead.

Fortunately, fans have enjoyed watching Nick Frost dip his toes into the sub-genre once again alongside frequent collaborator Simon Pegg and the likes of Malcolm McDowell, Samson Kayo, Amma D’Arcy and more in Truth Seekers, which landed on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, October 30th 2020.

Some have made very quick work of its palatable eight episodes and are already contemplating what the future has in store…

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Is Truth Seekers season 2 confirmed?

  • No, season 2 is not confirmed but key cast members have confirmed that they’d love to return for more episodes.

Speaking with Digital Spy, Nick revealed: “I’d love to see where it goes and I’d love to have the chance to eat more biscuits in the van with Samson.”

Similarly, Samson expressed: “I’d love to do another season, that would be great.”

It’s likely that Amazon will keep a keen eye on the viewing figures across November and assess how many people have tuned in before determining whether renewal is warranted.

Of course, the season’s ending includes the potential for the cast and crew to tell many more stories, so there’s no question that the season 1 closer facilitates another season.

However, if series renewal is confirmed then audiences shouldn’t expect more episodes anytime soon.

Digital Spy acknowledges that many of the key cast and crew members are currently busy working on other projects. Susan Wokoma previously addressed her intentions to bring back Year of the Rabbit in the near future, Nick Frost is working on Joss Whedon’s forthcoming series The Nevers, Samson Kayo is working on Bloods – also with Julian Barratt – and Simon Pegg is working on Mission: Impossible instalments in Italy.

So, perhaps an early 2022 release date is more likely if it’s renewed.

Escape room, anyone?

If you’re itching for more time with Truth Seekers, it may be worth checking out the Truth Seekers Remote Adventure.

It’s a live virtual escape room presented by Prime Video which is available for a limited time; Digital Spy adds that it’s running until Wednesday, November 18th 2020.

It’s free to book!

Fans praise Truth Seekers on Twitter

Since the series arrived on Amazon Prime Video, it has earned a number of fans and praise over on Twitter.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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