Need a breakdown for the release date for One Piece chapter 994? Check out our full rundown for international audiences and potential spoilers here!

One Piece may be one of the most successful, followed and longest-running manga series in the world, but fans remain as impatient as they have ever been.

After a short break, One Piece is officially back to regular releases, leading up to the historic 1000th chapter in just a few weeks.

Here is a full breakdown of the release date and time for chapter 994, as well as a brief look at the spoilers that have begun to surface online.

One Piece chapter 994: Release date

  • At the time of writing, One Piece chapter 994 is scheduled to release on Sunday, November 1st, 2020.

This according to the official chapter release schedule provided on the Shonen Jump section of Viz Media.

One Piece chapter 994: Release time

We are expecting One Piece chapter 994 to be released at midnight JST.

If this release date remains correct, then we can expect the English translation will be at the following times for international audiences:

  • Pacific Time: 9 AM on Sunday, November 1st
  • Central Time: 11 AM on Sunday, November 1st
  • Eastern Time: Noon on Sunday, November 1st
  • British Time: 5 PM on Sunday, November 1st

We will update this article if the described release date for One Piece chapter 994 is altered.

One Piece chapter 994: Potential spoilers

SPOILER WARNING: Do not read on unless you wish to know potential spoilers for chapter 994.

  • Chopper brings the Ice One virus that Queen had created.
  • Queen starts firing her special bullets at the banquet hall, which are called Plague Rounds Ice Oni that turns whoever is hit into zombies.
  • The zombies quickly become out of control and Queen orders every tower door to be sealed shut.
  • One thinks he knows how to remove the virus from the infected, whilst Chopper believes he has the antibodies needed to stop the spread.
  • We also see Kaido transforming back into his human form and talking about how death is the ‘completion of a man’.
  • Elsewhere, Kinemon uses his Foxfire technique to stop the bleeding from Kiku’s arm.
  • Whilst Yamato protects Momo from the oncoming attacks, winning Momo’s trust in the process.

Interestingly, there are some theories that the central theme will be ‘death’ (see below) – which makes sense if the spoilers concerning zombies are correct.

As always, take leaked spoilers with a pinch of salt and read chapters through official sources.

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