A krayt dragon appears in The Mandalorian season 2 premiere, so let’s get the creature and its ties to the original trilogy explained.

Being a Star Wars fan can be hard work sometimes…

When you gather with enthusiasts and discuss the trilogy which started it all, there are often smiles and laughs as you heartily reminisce the moments which may have defined your childhood viewing experiences.

When the topic of conversation transitions into the prequels, however, you notice the smiles diminish some. Nevertheless, the trilogy has undergone a resurgence after much revision in recent years.

When discussing the new trilogy from the Mickey Mouse house, on the other hand, it tends to get much more heated.

If you ever wish to diffuse a particularly heated debate – perhaps the billionth of its kind you’ve had about The Last Jedi – then just bring up The Mandalorian and watch those affectionate smiles come flooding back.

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Jon Favreau’s Disney+ series is regarded by many fans as a welcome and essential return to form for the wider franchise, boasting the thrills and the spirit of the originals.

Now, it’s back for season 2 and the premiere has proven a giant success, dishing out such surprises as a krayt dragon…

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The Mandalorian: Krayt dragon

In The Mandalorian season 2 episode 1, audiences are finally treated to a sighting of a living krayt dragon.

In exchange for Mandalorian armour, Mando has to help Vanth slay a dragon which has been plaguing the town.

They search the desert and become acquainted with some Tusken Raiders; there, they learn that they will have to recruit the townsfolk of Mos Pelgo to help them take on the feared creature.

As noted by Star Wars Fandom, ‘The Marshal’ brings the living reptilian behemoth to screens for the first time – what a debut it was, bringing blockbuster thrills which audiences didn’t expect so prematurely.

The source includes that krayt dragons hail from Tatooine and are divided into two subspecies, canyon krayt and greater krayt. They are hunted for their pearls which are found inside of their bodies.

History and ties to Star Wars original trilogy

The dragon’s inclusion in The Mandalorian is a nice throwback to the original trilogy.

Entertainment Weekly acknowledges that C-3PO walked past the skeleton of one of them on a sand dune in 1977’s A New Hope.

Looking back across the franchise, the skeleton of a krayt dragon can also be spotted in the game Star Wars Battlefront and the comic-book issue Star Wars 71.

Additionally, they have been mentioned and referred to in such titles as Star Wars: Uprising and Aftermath: Empire’s End. So, it was riveting for diehard fans to finally see the creature made flesh… and not in flashback!

Star Wars Fandom highlights the threat these creatures traditionally posed to Jawas in the universe’s lore, and that their cries would ward off the Tusken Raiders

Fans react to The Mandalorian season 2 premiere

Since the episode premiered, a number of fans have flocked to Twitter to react to the inclusion of a krayt dragon.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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