Alanah Pearce is bringing her two-year stint working for Rooster Teeth to an end. The Australian gamer and former IGN journalist announced the news yesterday, October 29th, on her YouTube channel.

Alanah has appeared for Rooster Teeth across multiple channels, including regular appearances on Funhaus and Inside Gaming. However in a video posted to her personal YouTube channel titled ‘I’m leaving Rooster Teeth. (funhaus & inside gaming)’ she announced her departure from the American company.

Here’s why Alanah Pearce is leaving Rooster Teeth and her latest YouTube video explained!

Why is Alanah Pearce leaving the Funhaus?

  • Alanah is leaving because there is a new opportunity before her that she has to take, and couldn’t say no to. She can’t disclose what this is yet although she reassures fans that when they find out, they will be understanding of her decision.

Alanah still hasn’t told fans what she will be doing next or details on the opportunity, however, she did say that she would tell fans when she was allowed to.

In the video, Alanah also touches upon the recent scandal at Funhaus, that resulted in Adam Kovic and Ryan Haywood’s departure from the company. This is not the reason for her departure stating: “There is more that the [Funhaus] team has learned [about Haywood and Kovic] than the public is currently aware of … but I am 100% not leaving Funhaus because of what transpired there,”

She exclaims how Funhaus are in a strong and positive place, despite the recent news involving the two former Funhaus presenters.

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Alanah told fans that she wishes she wasn’t leaving at this current period of time; she has a lot of faith in the Funhaus team, and she is particularly enjoying the content that has been made recently.

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‘I’m leaving Rooster Teeth’ video explained!

In the video, Alanah addresses her fans directly and honestly. Alanah speaks fondly of Funhaus and Inside Gaming and praises the fans who support the channels. She also notes how fun it has been working for Rooster Teeth and that leaving feels ‘insane’ but it is something that she has to do.

Alanah has worked for a lot of video game companies across the board, yet Rooster Teeth seems to hold significance. In the YouTube video, she shows her gratitude towards the Funhaus community stating that it is the only brand she has worked for in which the audience ‘care so much’.

Alanah explains that the editors need more credit publicly and there is not a weak link within the team, she will continue to stay friends with them and hopes to guest on future content.

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