Riddles have always been a popular form of brain training entertainment, but now more than ever, thanks to lockdown, people are giving them a go.

You may have seen the “Why do witches fly on brooms?” online and have been struggling with the answer for a while.

This riddle has perplexed internet users far and wide, leaving them arguing over what the answer could possibly be.

Why do witches fly on brooms? Answer!

The question is: Why do witches fly on brooms?

The answer is: Because vacuum cleaners are too expensive!

However, many people online have made up their own answers and they are equally as amusing. Here are some alternative answers:

Because vacuum wire cords aren’t long enough!

Because vacuums suck!

Because vacuums are too heavy!

Because riding on mops would be silly!

What flattens all mountains riddle

The What Flattens All Mountains riddle is:

“What flattens all mountains, wipes out all species, destroy every building, and turns everything to pieces?”

The answer to the What Flattens All Mountains riddle is time.

This is because the one thing capable of flattening mountains and destroying buildings is time, as things decay and erode with age.

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