Watch Dogs: Legion is filled with countless potential operatives, but not all would-be recruits are created equal. While nearly every NPC in the game can be used in missions, some of the more valuable recruits are harder to find.

The central selling point of Watch Dogs: Legion is the ability to recruit nearly any character you meet on the street. This dystopian version of London is filled with eager protestors and rioters who will happily join your cause if you complete a simple recruitment mission or two.

Of course, the truly useful potential operatives can’t be found simply by stopping people on the street. Watch Dogs: Legion has a few hidden gems that are well worth pursuing.

How to find the best operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion

To find the best operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion, push a Borough to Defiant and then complete its Uprising mission. This will unlock a unique operative that can’t be found anywhere else in the game.

You’ll also want to purchase the Deep Profiler Tech as soon as possible. This will allow you to recruit people who are otherwise opposed to DedSec, such as Albion employees.

The Deep Profiler Tech adds additional steps the the recruitment process for these potential operatives, but it’s useful – throughout the game, one of the most versatile attributes an operative can have is access to areas that are otherwise off-limits.

The best operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion

The unique recruits that are gained from Uprisings in each borough are perhaps the most useful skilled operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion. Each borough’s unique offering is as follows:

  • Camdem: Hacker+ Skilled Operative
  • Lambeth: Drone Expert Skilled Operative
  • Nine Elms: Professional Hitman Skilled Operative
  • Westminster: Spy+ Skilled Operative
  • Islington & Hackney: Football Hooligan+ Skilled Operative
  • Tower Hamlets: Getaway Driver+ Skilled Operative
  • Southwark: Anarchist+ Skilled Operative
  • City of London: Beekeeper+ Skilled Operative

These are the most useful operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion in terms of unique abilities, but be warned: if they are killed during a mission, they’ll stay dead, just like everyone else. Use them sparingly to avoid wasting a precious resource.

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