Tayler Holder is under fire as fans claim he ripped off Corey La Barrie’s merch, however, Tayler has denied the allegations.

A whole load of internet drama erupted on Twitter after Tayler Holder revealed his new merch designs yesterday (October 28th).

Fans instantly began claiming that he had copied the merch of late YouTuber Corey La Barrie, but Tayler Holder has denied the accusations.

Tayler argued that he was working in collaboration with Corey’s family, but fans are a little suspicious of this claim, and he’s getting a lot of backlash on Twitter.

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Fans claim Taylor Holder stole Corey La Barrie’s merch designs

TikTok star Tayler Holder took to his Instagram Story yesterday to show off his new merch, announcing that it would be available to buy on November 1st. However, the reveal didn’t get the reaction he expected, as fans instantly began noticing something suspicious about the merch designs.

The video showed two items from the merch line, a black hoodie and a blue t-shirt, which both featured the same design on the back. The design was a set of angel wings above the phrase “under appreciated”, but the ‘nde’ in ‘under’ was crossed out so it read “ur appreciated”.

Social media users started claiming that Tayler Holder had stolen the design from popular YouTuber and internet personality Corey La Barrie, who sadly died in a car crash earlier this year.

Corey La Barrie’s merch features the exact same “under appreciated” tagline, however Tayler Holder has denied copying the idea.

Tayler Holder denies copying Corey La Barrie’s merch

Following the backlash, Tayler Holder deleted the Instagram Story and posted a video addressing the situation.

Tayler denied copying Corey’s merch and claimed that he was actually working in collaboration with Corey’s family to produce the merch.

He said:

“The merch is actually all the tattoos that are on my arms, two of them being the under appreciated and the wings, and I got that tattoo in memory of Corey. I just want to make it clear that this is very meaningful to me and with Corey and his family I would never ever ever just take something like this and make it my own.”

Tayler then continued:

“On the merch drop I teamed up with Corey’s family. Me and Corey’s family have worked very very hard over the past few months to perfect this drop and we’re very happy with it.”

He also said that he would be donating a percentage of the revenue to Corey’s foundation.

However, an alleged message conversation between a fan and Corey’s mother then started being shared around Twitter. In the message, Corey’s mum allegedly claims that she had no idea about the merch line, leaving fans suspicious of Tayler’s claim.

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Tayler Holder gets backlash on Twitter

Fans have been taking to Twitter to discuss the merch incident, and everyone’s putting Tayler Holder under fire.

One Twitter user said: “You went about this so backwards. How dare you not mention Corey’s name FROM THE BEGINNING if this truly was a “tribute” to him. & then it takes you hours to respond? After the internet comes for u. If this really was for our boy u would’ve mentioned it right away.”

“Tayler Holder didn’t “Partner Up” with nobody. He literally stole Corey’s whole idea/concept and is trying to recieve a check doing so. So disrespectful and fxkd up,” said another.

Another person said: “If you follow Tayler Holder I automatically have lost respect for you and that’s on that imagine using someone else’s brand and gain a profit from it, his Insta story is some bullsh*t excuse coreys family NEVER knew about this and nor is he giving full proceeds to them only a %.”


Update: Tayler posts statement with Corey’s father and brother

Following the backlash, Tayler posted an apology video to Twitter on Friday (October 30th) addressing the situation.

He sat down with Corey’s brother and father to apologise and said:

“We were teaming up on this, it was something that me and Jared have been talking about for the past few months, and when it went to the legal side of everything we brought in a third party to handle that and a lot of confusion happened there.”

The then continued to discuss the “miscommunication” that led to the merch “going downhill” and revealed that they would be working together on more projects in the future.

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