Social media is the ideal place to check on the latest news and updates about pretty much everyone – from celebrities to politicians, many enjoy a life in the media spotlight.

Unfortunately, fake news about them often spread on online platforms, leading to different speculations from users.

Vice President Mike Pence is the latest politician to be targeted by one of these false rumours after people claimed that he had an “estranged” daughter called Peggy Pence.

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Does Mike Pence have a daughter called Peggy?

  • No, Mike Pence doesn’t have a daughter named Peggy Pence.

The Vice President and his wife, Karen Pence, are parents to three children – Audrey, Charlotte and Michael.

Michael is the oldest child who serves as a first lieutenant and a pilot in the United States Marine Corps.

Karen and Mike’s oldest daughter, Charlotte, is 27 years old and works as a published author of children’s books. She was a documentary filmmaker in the past.

Meanwhile, Audrey, 25, is a graduate in international relations and journalism from Northeastern University. She also holds a law degree from Yale University.

How did these false rumours start?

The false rumours about Mike’s alleged daughter started as a joke from actress and TikTok star Alyssa Sabo.

Alyssa previously explained that she was going to create a character named Peggy Pence and pretend that to be the “estranged” daughter of the US Vice President in her videos.

She said in a Twitter post:

“I’m going to create a character named Peggy Pence. Mike Pence’s teenage daughter on Tik Tok posting insider info and talking shit about my dad but I’m not as hot as Claudia Conway but my character isn’t aware of this. Plz no one steals this idea.”

Who is Alyssa Sabo?

Alyssa Sabo is an actress, comedian, writer and social media personality.

Some of her best-known roles are in Barely Love: A Bear Mauling Love Story MusicalMondo Hollywoodland (2021) and Keeping It Together: LA.

She has a YouTube channel where she shares comedy sketches and videos of celebrity impersonations.

However, Alyssa’s biggest following is on TikTok where she has amassed just over 27k followers.

You can also find her on Instagram under the handle @alyssa_sabo.

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