Johnny Richardson and Micahia Taylor have been accused of wire fraud after they shared pictures of luxury lifestyle and expensive trips, Detroit News has reported.

The couple from Detroit made the headlines after they were accused of stealing money in coronavirus relief funds.

Johnny Richardson and Micahia Taylor allegedly bragged about their luxury lifestyle in a series of pictures on Instagram, revealing custom jewelry, expensive travels and designer clothes before they were caught out.

So, who are Johnny Richardson and Micahia Taylor?

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Detroit couple charged with wire fraud

Johnny Richardson, 25, and Micahia Taylor, 27, have been charged with fraud for allegedly conspiring to steal $2.5 million in coronavirus relief funds. 

The two were accused of teaming up with Brandi Hawkins, a former contract employee at Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency, Detroit News has reported. Hawkins was charged back in July this year.

The publication wrote that the funds had been intended to help people in need affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

If Johnny and Micahia are found guilty of wire fraud, they could face up to 20 years in federal prison.

Johnny and Micahia bragged about their lifestyle on Instagram

Johnny and Micahia showed off their luxury lifestyle on the internet, as per official court documents said Detroit News.

The two bragged about their wealth, including pictures of expensive trips, designer clothes, custom jewelry and a new Mercedes-Benz.

In one Instagram post, which has since been deleted, Johnny shared a picture of a Mercedes-Benz SUV which was a gift for Micahia.

Writing about the case of Johnny and Micahia, US Postal Inspection Service Inspector Erin Leipold said in their report:

“In general, posts to Richardson’s account routinely depict him wearing designer clothing and custom diamond-encrusted jewelry and watches, driving luxury vehicles, and in possession of large sums of money.”

Who are Johnny Richardson and Micahia Taylor?

Johnny, whose full name is Johnny Lee Richardson, is on Instagram under the handle @imjust_johnny.

He currently has 40 posts which include pictures with family and friends, as well as with his toddler Jaylon.

Meanwhile, Micahia’s Insta account is private at the time of publication.

She does, however, have a business profile @mdmhbeautybar which is a beauty salon she runs in Detroit.

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