With the help of modern DNA technology, a man name John Jeffrey Sipos has been arrested in relation to the 1969 unsolved murder of a young woman named Mary Scott.

On November 20th 1969, Mary Scott, a 23-year-old woman from Southern California, was found dead in her City Heights apartment. She had been raped and murdered. Scott worked as a cocktail waitress and dancer after separating from her husband, who she had two children with.

Mary had been strangled and, according to The San Diego Union Tribune, the furniture in her apartment was in disarray and chairs had been flipped over.

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How did they solve the murder?

According to The New York Times, Mary Scott’s sister, Rosalie Sanz, had heard that DNA technology was used to solve cold cases like that of the Golden State Killer in 2018. Experts on that case used genetic genealogy to connect Joseph James DeAngelo to the murders by searching for relatives in genealogy databases and matching it against DNA saved from the crime scenes.

In 2019, Ms Sanz reportedly contacted a friend who is a retired officer, who then helped alert the police force. The case was soon re-opened and found John Jeffrey Sipos.

In a police statement, it was explained: “Investigators from the San Diego Police Cold Case Unit and the San Diego District Attorney’s Office Cold Case Unit evaluated the case and were able to use forensic genealogy to identify a possible suspect.”

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Who is John Jeffrey Sipos?

John Jeffrey Sipos is a 75-year-old man who has been arrested for the murder of Mary Scott. The arrest was made in Schnecksville in Pennsylvania and he is currently in Lehigh County Detention Centre.

Ms Sanz told Lehigh Valley Live John Jeffrey Sipos had just left the Navy in San Diego at the time of her sister, Mary’s murder.

In the years since the incident, Jeffrey Sipos has married and his lawyer described his wife as “devastated” by Sipos’s arrest.

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