TikTok users are claiming that the app is banning fan accounts – but is it true?

One popular type of TikTok profile is fanpages, as users love creating a whole profile dedicated to their favourite TikTok star, like Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae or Tayler Holder.

However, many users have recently started noticing that lots of fanpages seem to have been banned from the app. Is TikTok banning fan profiles?

Is TikTok banning fanpages?

  • TikTok has not confirmed that they are banning fanpages, but users claim that they are.

Many TikTok users began taking to social media on Wednesday (October 28th) to warn others that TikTok was banning fanpages from the app.

TikTok has not publicly announced that it is banning fanpages for any specific reason, however users have been seeing their favourite fanpages disappearing over the past few days.

How to stop your fanpage being banned

  • Change your profile picture.

TikTok users have been claiming that the app is banning fan accounts based on their profile picture. So, if your profile photo is of a celebrity or TikTok star then it will automatically assume you are a fanpage and ban you.

It is currently unknown whether this is actually true, but TikTok users have been changing their profile pictures to avoid a potential ban.

Users are suggesting that fanpages change their picture to a plain black image, or a random photo of an animal to avoid getting banned.

Social media users want answers

Many TikTok users have been taking to Twitter to discuss the potential banning of fanpages, and they want answers from TikTok.

One Twitter user said: “@tiktok_us yo Tiktok, why you banning fanpages??”

“What is this TikTok is banning fanpages for having idols as their pfp idk if it’s real,” said another.

Another person said: “@tiktok_us R YALL BANNING FANPAGES FROM TIKTOK.”

At the time of writing this, TikTok have not responded.

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