After celebrity stylist Liz Uy announced her engagement to her now-fiancé, fans on social media couldn’t help but wonder about Geraldine Zamora Racaza, the ex-wife of Raymond Racaza.

Geraldine was married to tech CEO Raymond but their marriage was officially annulled in courts in January 2018, according to a friend’s Facebook post.  The ex-couple have a daughter together named Nala.

Liz Uy announced that she was engaged to Raymond Racaza this week but they’ve been dating for a while now and even had a baby together in 2017.

Although PhilStar reports that they met in May 2016, other reports indicate that these dates are later than their actual meeting, while Interaksyon reports a crossover of the relationships. Some followers even dubbed the stylist a “homewrecker”.

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Who is Geraldine Zamora Racaza?

Geraldine is a prominent doctor in the Philippines and regularly appears on TV shows for her work such as Med Talk on CNN Philippines. She has 63k followers on her Instagram where she regularly posts about both medicine and fashion.

The doctor has two published books named Living Better with Lupus and IM Platinum. She is also the Vice President of the Hope for Lupus foundation.

According to Geraldine’s LinkedIn account, she studied to become a Doctor of Medicine at the University of the Philippines College of Medicine.

In a Facebook post by a friend, Geraldine is described as “a very sweet, soft spoken and kind person. She would put others first before herself. For her patients, she would go above and beyond her duty as a physician.”

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Geraldine’s engagement

Liz Uy isn’t the only one to get engaged either, FashionPulis reported that Geraldine Zamora Racaza got engaged to cardiologist Dr Lauro ‘Sonny’ Abrahan in August.

Although it’s unconfirmed when the couple began dating, he first appeared on her Instagram in a group picture in March 2018.

FashionPulis also reported that Sonny’s parents are both well respected doctors too.

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