Jeremy Corbyn has just been suspended from the Labour Party after the results of a report investigating anti-Semitism in the party under his leadership were released. After hearing this news, the internet, of course, reacted with Jeremy Corbyn memes.

It was announced on Thursday (October 29th) that Jeremy Corbyn would be suspended and stripped of the party whip after he refused to accept the findings of an Equality and Human Right Commission (EHRC).

His suspension has had mixed reactions from social media users, with some people being happy with the decision, and others contesting it. Since the announcement, Twitter has been flooded with Jeremy Corbyn memes – here are 17 of the best.

Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images

17 of the best Corbyn memes

How it started VS how it’s going.

This is for all the trolls.

We could’ve lived in a world led by Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy’s publicly funded legal fees are racking up.

Footage of Jeremy Corbyn cycling to Sinn Fein to find a new home.

There’s a lot of people celebrating.

The door has shut on Jeremy Corbyn.

Some people love to say I told you so.

Get the popcorn out, things are getting interesting.

Some people were definitely expecting it.

What a hoodie.

This failed high five will never not be funny.

The layout party have suspended Corbyn? Wow, what a surprise.

Kier Starmer’s reaction.

Corbyn’s out, who’s next?

Is someone going to teach Jeremy how to wear a mask properly?

Jeremy Corbyn going undercover on ITV News as Kier Starmer.

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