A TikTok user known as @that_balloon_girl has had some backlash over the pricing of her balloon creations, but who actually is she? Meet Kelsey Onstott.

A whole load of drama has been erupting on TikTok over the past few weeks, and it’s all about balloons. TikTok user @that_balloon_girl has been showing off her balloon business, and it was all going well – until she shared her prices.

The scandal, which has become known on TikTok as the ‘balloon drama’ has taken over everyone’s For You pages. Here’s everything you need to know about Kelsey and her balloon TikTok.

Who is @that_balloon_girl on TikTok?

@that_balloon_girl is a popular TikTok user who has accumulated 227,000 followers.

Kelsey Onstott owns a balloon creation business in Houston, Texas, creating balloon arches and displays for birthday parties, weddings and other events.

She documents her business on TikTok, sharing her impressive balloon creations with her followers, advertising her business and giving balloon tips and tricks.

Kelsey Onstott gets backlash over her pricing

@that_balloon_girl has been under fire on TikTok over the pricing of her balloon creations.

Kelsey had been frequently posting time-lapses of herself producing the balloon garlands, and her followers were enjoying them. People then started asking her to post the prices she charges, which she agreed to do.

However, this then caused some huge controversy in the comments section of her videos as her followers didn’t agree with the $300 to $500 prices she was charging, claiming that it was far too high.

“Listen to your comments sis. These are all potential customers that you are losing for your stupidly inflated prices,” said one comment.

Multiple commenters claimed that they could buy the same balloon arch on Amazon for $21, and were shocked that people would pay that much for her creations.


$250 per number – They are 5 ft tall each and I use The Creative Heart template which can be found on IG #thatballoongirl #houston #balloongarland

♬ original sound – Nastika 👑

Kelsey fights back at negative comments

Kelsey’s videos started being flooded with negative comments claiming that her business was ridiculously overpriced. However, @that_balloon_girl didn’t let it bother her, and simply began replying to the comments.

Replying to one of the claims that you could get the same thing on Amazon, she said: “GROUNDBREAKING INFORMATION! Does Amazon inflate everything and hang it for you too?????”

Replying to another comment, Kelsey simply said: “$300, leave it or leave.”

Kelsey told BuzzFeed News “I’ve poured my blood, sweat, and tears into my business” which is why she was so angered by the comments.

“My clients don’t find my prices shocking, and I’ve sold so many of these mosaics. I’ve probably sold over 50 of them, and nobody bats an eye. It’s an industry-standard really,” she said.

Since the negative comments, Kelsey hasn’t posted any new videos to TikTok.

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