Among Us has become one of the most popular games thanks to having become the best game to watch on Twitch. While the title’s sequel was cancelled, a few new features have been added to the beta version of the game on Steam. Here you’ll discover how to get the public beta version of Among Us on Steam so you can enjoy the new features which have been added.

As an emphasis of its popularity, Among Us has recently seen politicians playing with 400,000 viewers choosing to watch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. While a game about backstabbing and lies sounds perfect for politicians, it ultimately resulted in chat spam hacks with calls to vote for Trump this 2020.

While the chat spam hacks have hopefully been dealt with via the game’s latest updates, below you’ll find how to get the beta version on Steam.

How to get beta update for Among Us on Steam

Simply follow the below steps to get the beta update for Among Us on Steam:

  • Open your Steam Library
  • Right-click the Among Us name
  • Select Properties and click Betas
  • Choose Public Beta and wait for the download to happen

As for what the beta update adds to Among Us, it will give you the following features:

  • Anonymous votes
  • Task Bar updates
  • Colour-blind support

The public beta and its features are not yet available for Among Us on mobile, so those on iPhone and Android cannot switch versions as of yet.

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