There’s a new Facebook trend that users are obsessed with called the 5 Look Challenge – here’s exactly what it is.

If you’ve been on Facebook recently, then your timeline has probably been full of one thing – the 5 Different Looks Challenge. Facebook users have jumped on this new trend, and it’s gone viral in just a few days.

However, the challenge has had a lot of backlash from users who claim that people aren’t doing it properly, and they’re taking to Twitter to rant about it.

So what is it? Here’s the #5lookchallenge explained.

Photo Illustrattion by Soumyabrata Roy/NurPhoto via Getty Images

What is the 5 Look Challenge on Facebook?

A new challenge is going viral on Facebook called the 5 Look Challenge, and it involves posting five photos of yourself.

However, every photo needs to have a completely different look. That means trying to make yourself as different as possible in every photo, perhaps by using wigs, different clothes, or makeup.

The challenge has quickly become one of Facebook’s most popular trends, and here’s exactly how you can join in.

How to do the Facebook 5 Look Challenge

Taking part in the challenge is simple.

First, plan out your 5 different looks. Get creative and make yourself look as different as possible in each.

Then, take your photos. Use different poses and facial expressions to make the photos look even better.

Now all you need to do is upload them to Facebook, and make sure you tag your photos with the hashtag #5lookchallenge to take part.

Twitter users roast the 5 Look Challenge

As the challenge became really popular on Facebook, people began taking to Twitter to rant about it, claiming that people aren’t doing the challenge properly.

The challenge requires you to post 5 completely different looks, however, a lot of people are simply posting 5 selfies with different filters or poses, which has had a lot of backlash as Twitter users claim this completely defeats the point of the challenge.

One Twitter user said: “People doing the 5 look challenge and every look is the same one from a different angle… just sit this one out.”

Some of yall’s 5 different look challenges is just 5 different pics with 5 different filters,’ said another.

Another person said: “Had to log off FB. Seen a 5 different looks challenge and shorty just looked in 5 different directions.”

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