Ubisoft has created a variety of different versions of Watch Dogs: Legion beyond the Standard Edition. Trying to keep track of the different editions can be challenging.

The game is the third in the Watch Dogs series, bringing the familiar hacking gameplay and anti-establishment narrative to London along with the promise of an expanded combat system and a diverse range of recruitable NPCs.

As has become the standard for large AAA titles, Watch Dogs: Legion’s base game can be augmented with additional content that won’t be included for players paying the cheapest price. Some of the collector’s editions are quite expensive, but come with perks that can’t be found elsewhere.


What’s included in each Watch Dogs: Legion edition?

In total there are five different editions of Watch Dogs: Legion, plus some minor rewards and perks offered by individual retailers. These include the Standard Edition, Gold Edition, UPlay+ Edition, Ultimate Edition, and Collector’s Edition.

The Standard Edition comes with the base game and nothing else. The Gold Edition provides both the base game and the Season Pass, which will deliver DLC content over the next few months.

The Ultimate Edition and UPlay+ Edition contain the base game, the Season Pass, and the Ultimate Pack, which provides three exclusive characters and three exclusive masks.

The Ultimate Edition also provides VIP Status in-game for four weeks, providing additional in-game currency for the single-player and online mode (this perk is not available in the UPlay+ Edition, which is provided to subscribers of UPlay+).


What’s included in the Watch Dogs: Legion Collector’s Edition

The Watch Dogs: Legion Collector’s Edition contains the base game, the Season Pass, and the Ultimate Pack, but also comes with several exclusive physical rewards.

These include a Ded Coronet Mask figurine, three stickers, a double-sided poster, a steelbook, and a collector’s box. In addition, players who buy the Collector’s Edition will instantly receive the Ded Coronet Mask in-game upon beginning play.

Bear in mind that while the various editions of the game may contain a lot of the digital content on offer, there will also be additional digital content that can only be purchased separately through microtransactions.

Every edition of Watch Dogs: Legion

The list of every edition of Watch Dogs Legion is as follows:

  • Standard Edition – base game
  • Gold Edition – base game, Season Pass
  • UPlay+ Edition – base game, Season Pass, Ultimate Pack (minus VIP Status)
  • Ultimate Edition – base game, Season Pass, Ultimate Pack (plus VIP Status)
  • Collector’s Edition – base game, Season Pass, Ultimate Pack (plus VIP Status), physical rewards, instant access to Ded Coronet Mask

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