The Sister continues each night on ITV but the drama’s multiple timelines have left fans confused meaning that episode 2 needs to be explained.

Thanks to the delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve been starved of new drama on ITV.

As autumn arrived, that changed and new series finally started to arrive and ITV’s latest thriller, The Sister, is a welcome, if spooky, new addition.

After episode 1 aired on October 26th, episode 2 followed a day later but has left some viewers confused, especially thanks to the show’s multiple timelines.

As a result, episode 2 of The Sister needs to be explained.

The Sister on ITV

The Sister arrived on ITV on Monday, October 26th, 2020.

The four-episode series, which is based on the novel Burial by Neil Cross, tells the story of Nathan as an old acquaintance, Bob, comes back into his life, unearthing a long-hidden secret in the process.

Ten years before, the two were involved in the supposed death and burial of Elise Fox but when housing developers announce plans to dig up the forest where her body is thought to be hidden, Nathan and Bob are left with the unenviable task of moving Elise’s body before she’s found.

As ever with psychological thrillers such as The Sister, however, there are plenty of twists and turns to come.


The Sister episode 2: Timelines explained

There are three timelines that run throughout The Sister and it’s safe to say the back-and-forth between them has left fans scratching their heads.

The three timelines we follow in The Sister are: 2009 into 2010: the New Year’s party where Elise went missing. 2013: where Nathan and Holly first meet and 2020: where Bob makes his unexpected return.

In episode 2, some pretty major events take place in each timeline.

2009 into 2010

Nathan, who has been making eyes with Elise, admits to Bob that he doesn’t like parties and so he and Bob go off and take some drugs to liven up the evening.

Nathan decides to leave the party but outside, he meets Elise and the pair hit it off.

However, Bob isn’t far away and asks if they want to continue the night somewhere else.

They stop in a ‘lover’s lane’ hollow where they take more drugs and Bob leaves Nathan and Elise alone in the car.

At some point after this, which we haven’t seen yet, the evening goes south and Elise seemingly dies.

Also in this timeline, although a few weeks down the line, Nathan is questioned by police. One of the officers questioning him is Jacki, who is a key new addition to this episode.


After their unsuccessful date in episode 1, Nathan goes round to Holly’s house and meets her parents.

She invites him to stay for Sunday lunch and they eventually hit it off themselves and later we see them at their engagement party.

It’s at this engagement party where Nathan meets Jacki again as she’s Holly’s maid of honour.

Knowing his connection to Elise’s disappearance, Jacki warns Nathan that if he ever hurts Holly, she will bury him.


Back in the present day, Holly finally returns home after she was late getting back in episode 1 and her phone is missing.

A call in the middle of the night shows us that Bob took her phone (surprise, surprise) and goes to harass Holly’s parents to get Nathan’s help in moving Elise’s body.

Nathan and Bob travel back to Elise’s grave and find her body, although all we see is a leg.

Meanwhile, Holly has gone round to her parents’ and is joined by Jacki and after Holly tells her about Nathan’s whereabouts, Jacki starts to put two and two together.


What’s to come in episode 3?

With each episode, we’re slowly finding out more and more information surrounding Elise’s disappearance as Nathan pieces the events of that night back together.

We still don’t know how Elise is supposed to have died or who is supposed to have killed her, although in the flashbacks to the night, Bob is very quick to put the blame on Nathan.

With Jacki now sniffing around, Nathan must be extra careful as his connection to Bob could heat up what has been the coldest of cold cases.

The Sister continues each night at 9pm on ITV until the four-episode series ends on October 29th, 2020.

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