K-pop record producer Lee Soo-man has outlined his dystopian suggestions for the future of the music industry, and people have been reacting to it on Twitter.

When watching sci-fi movies about the future, there’s always one common theme – robots. Using artificial intelligence to enhance our everyday lives seems to be the defining feature of the future, and it could become a reality much sooner than you think.

Lee Soo-man has spoken about his vision for the future amid the launch of new K-pop girl group Aespa, suggesting using date-driven robots to enhance the music industry in South Korea.

However, his plans hasn’t gone down well with social media users, who certainly think his vision is more harmful than good.

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Who is Lee Soo-man?

Lee Soo-Man is a South Korean record producer most known for founding SM Entertainment, South Korea’s largest entertainment company, based in Seoul.

The 68-year-old from South Korea attended Seoul National University and started a career as a singer, radio DJ and TV host before moving to America to study computer engineering at California State University.

Whilst in the USA, he was inspired by MTV superstars like Michael Jackson and went back to Korea to form the music industry there, founding SM Studio which later became SM Entertainment.

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Lee Soo-man discusses the AI future of the music industry

Whilst speaking at a forum in South Korea on Wednesday (October 28th), Lee Soo-man outlined his suggestions for the future of the music industry, and his ideas were pretty wild.

The record producer first discussed the impact of Covid-19 on the music industry, meaning that more people are at home and consuming entertainment. In a world dominated by celebrities, people are listening to more music and watching more videos than ever before now that social distancing is in place.

Then, he moved onto discussing the future. He said:

“In the world of celebrities, big data-driven robots will play a significant role. Most importantly, the development of AI technologies will enable customised avatars to fit into personal lives.”

Essentially, Lee Soo-man suggested that the world should create robot avatars that will co-exist with humans, like another living person or a friend.

However, he then went on to suggest something a little stranger. Lee Soo-man argued that people could create a robot avatar of their favourite celebrity, so that you can live together with them, or even make an avatar specialised to your own skills that can substitute for you in life.

Twitter users react to Lee Soo-man’s vision

Social media users have been reacting to Lee Soo-man’s vision for the future, and it’s safe to say his suggestions haven’t been received well by K-pop fans.

One Twitter user said: “Lee Sooman… we just wanted you to protect your idols and give them better treatment not create the next dystopian movie.”

“I think Lee Sooman opparrr is crazy. creating AR of celebrities for us so we can interact with them like friends?? I dont want that,” said another.

Others have been comparing his ideas to an episode of the Netflix series Black Mirror that sees Miley Cyrus distributing a robot avatar of herself around the world.

Another person said: “He’s insane for this, and it’s just Lee Sooman feeding the sasaeng’s minds by planning to use advanced intelligence to create idol avatars for the fans to own. He’s literally insane insane.”

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