Among Us is one of the most popular games thanks to having become the best game to watch on Twitch. Unfortunately, with popularity comes miscreants who just want to watch the world burn. The most famous example is the online persona Eris Loris, and this has resulted in people asking: is Among Us safe to play right now? Here you’ll discover how to update Among Us on Steam and iPhone to try to stop hacks.

For those who don’t know, the Eris Loris situation saw in-game chat logs spammed with promotional messages for their YouTube channel, along with messages to vote Trump 2020. This political message could’ve been regarded as a response to the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stream which drew 400,000 viewers, but the hacker simply uploaded a video on YouTube essentially laughing at people for being mad.

Unfortunately, following the incident, lots of people are now asking is Among Us safe to play, and below you’ll discover how to update the game on iPhone and Steam to try to stop any hacking.

Is Among Us safe to play right now?

Among Us should be safe to play.

You can ensure Among Us is safe to play by participating in private games with people you trust, but open games should now be better protected thanks to the latest updates.

InnerSloth responded to the hacking of Eris Loris on Twitter by saying they were aware of the issue and were releasing updates to control the situation.

And, according to an Among Us programmer Forest Willard, wave two of the update has made the game safer to play.

The updates have reportedly resolved the hacking issues with impersonation and chat spam, but not all hacks have been blocked.

How to update Among Us

To manually update Among Us on Steam you will want to get the public beta version first.

So, to manually update Among Us on Steam, open your library, right click the game’s name, select Properties, click the Betas tab, and then switch to “public-beta”.

Once you’ve done the above, you can then ensure you always have the latest version of the game by opening Properties again.

In Properties select Updates and then Always keep this game up to date, or just manually update the game by selecting Local files and then Verify.

As for how to update Among Us on iPhone and Android, open either the iOS or Google Play store, search the game’s name, and select the Update button if one is in place of Open.

Either that or you can simply uninstall Among Us and reinstall to get the latest version available. Know that the public beta and all its new features is not available on iOS or Android as of yet.

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