Among Us is one of the most popular titles now thanks to having become one of the best games to watch on Twitch. While the game is very good in its basic format as an experience all about backstabbing, lies, and masks of pure innocence making it easy to see why politicians are getting involved, lots of people are now asking about how to play Among Us with 100 players. While it’s not massively recommended, here you’ll discover how to download and install the mod.

As previously mentioned, Among Us is an incredibly popular experience with a premise that is basically similar to The Thing. While some players want to know how to get imposter all the time, plenty more just enjoy the basic experience where an imposter is randomised and players have to discover who it is.

While the above premise results in lots of tension and suspense, some players simply want to make the experience incredibly chaotic by knowing how to play with 100 players.

How to play with 100 players in Among Us

You can play with 100 players in Among Us on PC by downloading a mod created by Socksfor1.

The ability to play with 100 players in Among Us can be earned by joining the Socksfor1 Discord, or you can simply download the mod without having to join yet another social media platform.

If you don’t want to join yet another social media platform or group, then you can simply download the mod here (via Attack of the Fanboy).

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For those who choose to join Sockfor1’s official Discord to get the 100 players mod for Among Us, you should know that there is a condition that you must meet.

In order to get the mod, you have to reach level 5 in the Discord server which will reward you with access and a tutorial.

How to install Among Us 100 players mod

Follow the below steps to install the Among Us 100 players mod:

  • Open Steam and right click on Among Us
  • Select Manage and then Browse Local Files
  • Copy the contents from the CodeIsNotAmongUs zip file into the Among Us folder

Following all of the above should result in the ability to play Among Us with 100 players.

You should know that downloading and installing the mod can ruin the base experience of Among Us through bugs and other issues.

If you wish to revert any damages done by the mod or simply wish to return to the base experience, then you will need to reinstall the game.

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