Watch Dogs: Legion has almost reached its October 29th release date, but fans everywhere hoping for early access to its contents are sadly disappointed.

Typically, Ubisoft has offered three days of early access play to customers who buy special editions of their games. This has been an enticing incentive for players who want to get in early, and has had an impact on the popularity of these special editions.

Yet while the special editions of Watch Dogs: Legion were originally advertised as featuring three day early access, Ubisoft has made the decision to rescind this offer.

Why doesn’t Watch Dogs: Legion have early access?

According to Ubisoft, Watch Dogs: Legion won’t have early access in order for the game to have a worldwide simultaneous release. Where previously, players who pre-ordered or purchased special editions of Ubisoft games could access games three days early, this will no longer be the case.

The company’s statement, which comes from industry analyst Daniel Ahman, also suggests that early access will no longer be a feature of future games. It appears – although it’s not confirmed – that Ubisoft is moving away from using early access as an incentive for pre-orders and special edition purchases.

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Instead, Ubisoft insists that the Season Pass for Watch Dogs: Legion (and presumably other games) will be enhanced with new story, character, and cosmetic content to make up for the loss of early access.

What’s the pre-order bonus for Watch Dogs: Legion?

In lieu of early access, those who pre-order Watch Dogs: Legion will receive the bonus Golden King Pack. This contains three cosmetics: the Lux Car Skin, Uneasy Lies Mask Skin, and Serpent Sisters Gun Skin.

There are also additional pre-order bonuses available depending on the retailer – for example, My Best Buy members can receive a $10 Reward Certificate for pre-ordering Watch Dogs: Legion.

This isn’t quite as immediate an incentive as getting early access to Watch Dogs: Legion, but it may be enough to convince last minute customers to pre-order the game ahead of its release on October 29.

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