The Sister, based on Neil Cross’s Burial, arrived on ITV in October and plenty of questions theories have emerged about the drama’s ending.

We all love a thrilling TV drama and in ITV’s The Sister, that’s exactly what we have in store.

The Sister is based on the novel Burial by Neil Cross and follows Nathan (Russell Tovey) as an old friend and a dark secret from his past threaten to tear his seemingly perfect life apart.

But after the tense and puzzling first episode, fans have been left with plenty of questions and theories about The Sister, its Burial source material and its ending.

The Sister on ITV

The Sister arrived on ITV on Monday, October 26th, 2020.

The four-episode series, which is based on the novel Burial by Neil Cross, tells the story of Nathan as an old acquaintance, Bob, comes back into his life, unearthing a long-hidden secret in the process.

Ten years before, the two were involved in the supposed death and burial of Elise Fox but when housing developers announce plans to dig up the forest where her body is thought to be hidden, Nathan and Bob are left with the unenviable task of moving Elise’s body before she’s found.

As ever with psychological thrillers such as The Sister, however, there are plenty of twists and turns to come.


Fans have theories about The Sister and Burial’s ending

We may only be an episode into The Sister at the time of writing but theories are already starting to emerge into the show and its ending and without spoiling too much, Neil Cross’s Burial could hold some answers.

*Some plot points from Burial are referenced below but there are no major spoilers from the book itself*

Did Nathan kill Elise, is she really dead?

  • As far as viewers are led to believe, Elise is dead.

All we see of Elise in The Sister’s opening episode are some brief and hazy flashback scenes to a drunken New Year’s party which was the last anyone saw of her before she disappeared.

Nathan and Bob know a little bit more than that as they seem to be behind Elise’s death and know where her body is supposedly buried.

The final scene in episode 1 even shows Nathan and Bob dragging a seemingly lifeless Elise out of a car with Bob screaming “what did you do?” at Nathan.

Did Nathan and/or Bob sleep with Elise?

While this fact isn’t made clear in episode 1 of The Sister, in Neil Cross’s Burial, the two took turns having sex with Elise before she seemingly and accidentally died, causing the two to panic and bury her body.

If this does end up being a plot point in the series itself, it puts a whole different and sordid spin on Nathan’s marriage to Holly, Elise’s sister.

Elise is a ghost now?

Episode 1 of The Sister hints at a supernatural element to Elise’s death.

Her voice can be heard on a recording made by Bob and the penultimate scene shows Nathan home alone, hearing strange noises before the garden flicks on.

It certainly seems that something is afoot. Whether Elise really is back from the dead or not remains to be seen.


Is Bob telling the whole truth?

From the moment we meet Bob, he seems like one of the most manipulative and untrustworthy characters we’ve ever seen on TV.

He’s a character that Nathan has known for more than 10 years through radio work and was previously a ghost whisperer and a master of all things that go bump in the night. Not the most reliable of professions.

It’s only a theory for now but could Bob be behind the whole thing in a long-winded blackmail attempt?

As a person with an interest in the dead and the occult, Bob may have been able to fake Elise’s death and could potentially have her captive somewhere, hence how he could make the recording of her voice.

It’s worth remembering that the incident took place during a drunken and potentially drug-fuelled New Year’s party so Nathan’s memory of the night may not be all that clear.

And as for Elise haunting Nathan, it’s entirely possible that Bob is behind it as in the scene just before Nathan is alone in the creaking house, Bob mentions that Elise has been haunting him too, planting the seed of doubt in Nathan’s mind.

The Sister is a long way from over and it promises to be a fascinating watch.

The Sister continues each night at 9pm until the four-episode series comes to an end on Thursday, October 29th while you can catch-up with episodes on ITV Hub.

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