Lil Pump took to Instagram today, October 26th, to endorse Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

In an Instagram story, the rapper spoke to his followers about who he plans to vote for in the election, saying: “All I gotta say is Trump 2020 b*tch. F*ck I look like paying an extra 33 in tax for Biden, b*tch ass n***a. Fuck sleepy Joe n***a Trump 2020 b*tch.”

Lil Pump followed his story up with a post an hour later sharing an edited image of Trump and himself, captioned: “The day I met Trump #trump202022020”

In his story the rapper is referring to Joe Biden’s tax plan in his story which involves raising taxes for individuals earning over $400,000 annually.

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Fans’ reactions to the Trump endorsements

Lil Pump’s comment section of the post saw fans split on their views. Some commented support, with the same hashtag included in the post. “You just gained a follower my friend #trump2020,” commented one.

While others were not as supportive, commenting: “Time to unfollow and forget about you again.”

Users on Twitter were just as separated by their views too. One user tweeted: “Honestly I’ll take it. To come out like this for Trump as a rapper is incredibly bold and brave. Kanye, Terry Crews, Ice Cube, 50 cent, Marcellus Wiley and now Lil Pump are pushing back against the mob.”

However others spoke out against Lil Pump’s views:

Some even felt that the rapper was supporting Trump for attention:

Lil Pump’s previous views on Donald Trump

Although he has endorsed Trump for this election, he was outspoken about his contrasting views in 2016.

In the days following the previous election in which Hillary Clinton lost out to Donald Trump, Lil Pump tweeted: “F*ck Donald Trump.”

Many fans noticed this and replied to the tweet writing: “This aged well.”

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