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Chris Wilder has claimed that it was ‘quite telling’ that the Liverpool players ‘put their arms up’ when Sheffield United were awarded an initial free-kick, which was then upgraded to a penalty, last night, as posted by Blood Red.

Liverpool won the contest 2-1 on home soil, with the champions having to come from behind to secure all three points.

There seems to be a dispute over whether the away side should have been awarded a spot-kick, with Mike Dean initially giving a free-kick for Fabinho’s foul before VAR upgraded it to a penalty.

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Wilder seemingly thinks the Liverpool players reactions proved that the correct call was made for the foul and he also feels his side should have had ‘another couple’ of penalties.

“I thought it was a penalty [the one that was given],” said Wilder. “I have just been informed that there might have been another couple as well, so we are at the top end of the pitch and we have asked questions of there players.

“I thought the reaction of their players, to the challenge when both of their players put their arms up in the air, it was quite telling.”

Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Wilder’s claims about Liverpool players actions are quite strange because, when the initial free-kick was given, there didn’t seem to be any arms raised by the home players.

The likes of Fabinho and Jordan Henderson did argue that the free-kick turned penalty wasn’t a foul in the first place, but the reaction of the players was more confusion towards Mike Dean’s decision.

Either way, Wilder’s side were awarded the penalty, his side did take the lead before they let that slip and suffered another defeat this season.

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