Who is Macey Chanel in Borat 2? The Instagram influencer’s scenes have had audiences in hysterics, but was she in on the joke or not?

We imagine Borat fans around the globe are hunting around their bedrooms to find and dust off the mankinis they bought for Halloween after the 2006 film’s release.

That’s right, Sacha Baron Cohen is back and reprising the iconic role of the Kazakh journalist in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, which landed on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, October 23rd 2020.

For many years after the original’s release, catchphrases like “very nice” were inescapable and the film was undoubtedly a pop culture phenomenon.

However, nobody really expected a sequel.

Why? Well, because you’d be hard pressed to find many people who don’t recognise that Borat is actually Sacha.

Nevertheless, the 2020 sequel managed to find a way around that and has the character wear an assortment of disguises.

Then there’s also the help of his daughter, Tutar – played by Maria Bakalova’ – who unsuspecting people don’t recognise.

still from Borat Subsequent Moviefil, Four by Two Films, Amazon Prime Video

Who is Macey Chanel in Borat 2?

  • Macey Chanel is an Instagram influencer whom Tutar asks about being a “sugar baby”.

“I’m taking you to meet one of America’s leading feminists,” Borat tells Tutar as he pulls into a grand, gated property.

Inside, Macey greets Tutar with a hug and the influencer is asked: “You’re a sugar baby?”

“I am,” Macey replies, and tells Tutar what exactly that entails…

“So, pretty much, a sugar baby is a younger girl, like me, you and I, and we’re dating someone who’s older.”

Her scene is sure to raise a lot of laughs, but the question boils down to this: was she in on the joke or not?

still from Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, Four by Two Films, Amazon Prime Video

Was Macy Chanel in on the joke?

No, Macy Chanel was not in on the joke!

On Friday, October 23rd 2020, Macy posted to her Instagram:

“I learned that I was featured in Borat 2 earlier this week. Total shocker, I just watched it – it is #hilarious, as expected from @sachabaroncohen. I stayed in character throughout the entire time as any actor would! Yes, Cohen got me …but, kinda sad how he elicits ‘reality’.”

While some of the appearances throughout the film may appear scripted, fans of the film will surely be thrilled to know that Macy’s response wasn’t part of the script.

You can check out her website and modelling work here.

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Fans praise the 2020 sequel

Since the film landed on Amazon Prime Video, many have flocked to Twitter to express their thoughts on it.

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