A meme has been going viral on Twitter that sees Donald Trump playing a photoshopped accordion in response to yesterday’s presidential debate.

With less than two weeks left until the US presidential election, the fight is on for Trump and Biden to secure their last voters. Yesterday (October 22nd) marked their final debate, and once again people took to social media to discuss its hilarious moments.

Joe Biden looked at his watch, and Twitter users are comparing it to a moment from George H.W. Bush’s town hall debate which people actually claim contributed to his loss in the election, but that wasn’t the only significant moment in the debate.

There was a brief part where Trump waved his hands in a bizarre way as if he was playing an imaginary accordion, and Twitter users have turned it into a hilarious meme.

Photo by Jim Bourg-Pool/Getty Images

Donald Trump waves his hands bizarrely

At one point in Thursday’s presidential debate, Trump spoke about North Korea, but viewers couldn’t actually listen to what he was saying because they were so intrigued by what he was doing with his hands.

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Whilst he spoke, the President moved his hands in and out repeatedly in a really bizarre way, and he seemed so focussed on what he was saying that he obviously didn’t even realise he was doing it. Biden didn’t pick up on it either, but social media users certainly did.

People took to Twitter to comment on the strange hand movements, and they instantly started agreeing on one thing – it looked like he was playing an imaginary accordion.

Trump playing the accordian becomes a meme

As soon as the accordion joke was made, social media users instantly got to work in creating a viral meme where Trump actually was playing the strange Austrian musical instrument.

Twitter users used photoshop to edit an accordion into Trump’s hands, making the joke even more realistic.

In the meme, Trump holds a traditional brown accordion, and his hand movements really do make it look like he’s playing it.

Twitter users react

The Donald Trump accordion joke has become a firm favourite amongst social media users who have been reacting on Twitter.

One Twitter user said: “I wish Trump would stop playing his imaginary accordion…so annoying!”

“I’m sorry but all I can see is that video where someone put an accordion between Trump’s hands,” said another.

Another person said: “I’m just waiting for the accordion to be added to Trump’s debate performance tonight. It’ll be hilarious. Internet, make that happen.”

“Trump’s accordion recital wasn’t on the same entertainment level as the fly,” another said.

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