Who is Maria Bakalova? Some viewers can’t stop talking about Rudy Giuliani’s scene with with the actress in the brand-new Borat 2 movie.

In the by-now-infamous scene, Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani finds himself in a hotel room, being interviewed by Maria Bakalova, who is pretending to be a conservative journalist.

After the interview is finished, Giuliani lies on the bed with his shirt untucked before slipping his hands down the front of his trousers.

Suddenly, Sacha Baron Cohen runs into the room, in character as Borat, shouting, “She’s 15, she’s too old for you.”

Maria Bakalova plays Tutar, Borat’s daughter, but fans want to know more about the actress in real life.

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Who is the Maria Bakalova from the Rudy Giuliani scene?

Maria Bakalova is a 24-year-old actress from Bulgaria, and although Borat 2 is her most notable role to date, she’s starred in a few other productions including Transgression and a TV series called Tipichno.

Although she’s originally from Bulgaria, many of Maria’s recent Instagram photos since January are in Los Angeles. It’s unclear whether she’s just there for filming or has actually moved there, though.

According to her imdb page, Bakalova has only been acting professionally since 2015, but studied theatre drama at the National School of Arts in Burgas, Bulgaria.

The young actress won the Best Female Role Award at the Toronto Film Festival, for her 2018 role in Transgression.

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Maria Bakalova’s role in Borat

Although people are talking about Maria Bakalova’s scene with Rudy Giuliani, in another scene Tutar appears on Jimmy Kimmel as a self-described “thief” and does a whole lot of shouting.

According to some YouTube comments, Maria speaks only Bulgarian throughout the new Borat film.

In a scene from the movie trailer, Borat takes his daughter, Tutar, to a women’s health centre after she accidentally eats a plastic decorative baby off a cake.

As expected, the centre misinterprets this as a request for an abortion for “the baby inside of her,” and send the two off to a very confused anti-abortion pastor.

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