A photo has been going viral on Twitter of Mitch McConnell’s bruised hands, and social media users are concerned about the Politician’s health.

It’s now less than two weeks until the most important event in the US calendar, November’s Presidential election, and that means people on social media are talking about politics more than ever.

Mitch McConnell is running for his sixth term as senator of Kentucky, and he’s been one of the most-discussed politicians in the lead up to his potential re-election.

However, there’s another reason why everyone is talking about him. Social media users are concerned about McConnell after a photo of his hands went viral on Twitter, raising questions about the US senator’s health.

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Social media users are worried about Mitch McConnell’s hands

A photo of Mitch McConnell started being shared around Twitter that raised some concern about the health of the Kentucky-based politician.

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The image was of McConnell talking to reporters in the US Capitol building this Monday, but somebody had zoomed in to show his hands, apparently covered in dark purple bruises and plasters.

This instantly sparked alarm bells among Twitter users who wondered if everything is alright with McConnell’s health.

Twitter users speculate over McConnell’s health

Since the photo started going viral on Twitter, users have been speculating about the Kentucky senator’s health.

One Twitter user argued that bruising of this kind can be the result of “being elderly & taking blood thinners”. Other users agreed with this statement, adding that the combination of being on blood thinning medication and perhaps having a fall can potentially result in nasty-looking bruises.

Another person suggested that the politician could have “Covid rash”. While not a common symptom, some people who have contracted Covid-19 have developed a bruise-like rash that may look similar to that on McConnell’s hands.

However, these theories are just speculation, and at the time of writing, Mitch McConnell has not made a public statement about his health.

Who is Mitch McConnell?

If you’ve only just heard of Mitch McConnell after seeing the viral image of his hands, you may want to know a little more about him.

Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr, better known simply as Mitch McConnell, is an American politician who is currently serving as Kentucky’s senior US Senator and the Senate Majority Leader.

The 78-year-old from Alabama was first elected to the Senate in 1984, and some of his previous roles included being Chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Majority Whip and Minority Leader.

McConnell is widely described as an obstructionist, and was openly anti-Obama. He fought for Obama to be a one-term President, and often worked to delay and obstruct Democrat legislation.

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