Eagle eyed fans have noticed that Minecraft Steve’s meat has been removed from his victory animation in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Where previously the famous blocky character held a steak in his hand, now it’s been removed, and his hands are empty.

The inclusion of Steve’s meat in Super Smash Bros Ultimate was a small reference to Minecraft that was shown off prominently in the character’s initial reveal trailer. The team that worked on the DLC did everything possible to make Minecraft look accurate even as it was brought into Smash.

With the release of Update 9.0.1 for Smash, though, the steak has been removed. Why has this minor change been made?


Why was Minecraft Steve’s Meat removed from his Smash victory pose?

Fans have noted that, before it was removed, Minecraft Steve’s meat was held in an unfortunate position in his victory pose, and looked a little phallic. It’s believed that this is the reason why his victory pose was altered.

When first shown the original victory pose, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer first assumed that it was a joke made by a fan, before stating, “I assume that will be fixed”.

It seems that neither Nintendo nor Microsoft noticed the unfortunate position of the meat until the internet brought it to their attention, at which point, the pose was hastily amended to remove Steve’s steak.


What else changed in Smash Bros’ 9.0.1 update?

In addition to removing the slab of meat from Steve’s victory pose, the latest update to Smash fixed a few other issues that resulted from the inclusion of Minecraft elements in the game.

These include fixing issues with block placements pushing other players through the level geometry, and fixing minecarts so that they don’t glitch awkwardly.

These kinds of quick bux-fixing patches are common after a game updates, as developers are never able to fully test all new issues that arise after making changes to a game. As with the removal of Minecraft Steve’s meat, these little tweaks are only possible after getting extensive feedback from players, and help the game run more smoothly.

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