Where has ITV HD gone on Sky? Where has channel 176 gone? Let’s address the recent service changes in 2020.

Spending a bit more time in front of the telly in 2020, perhaps?

Rest assured, you’re not the only one!

Whether it’s tuning into the news, a good ol’ gameshow or the soaps, TV has arguably kept us entertained and informed more than ever this year.

Much more time has been spent indoors and, as a result, we often hear the sofa beckoning us to spend some time chilling out while channel surfing.

However, when a channel appears missing it can pose a pretty glaring issue.

This has been the case for ITV viewers recently, so let’s get it explained…

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Where has ITV HD gone on Sky? Where has channel 176 gone?

Over on the Sky Community forum, it’s noted that the following ITV HD channels have closed:

  • ITV Anglia East HD closes at 176
  • ITV London HD closes at 176
  • ITV Central West closes at 176
  • ITV Meridian East HD closes at 176
  • ITV Yorkshire West HD closes at 176

They also address that ITV Border England HD remains.

However, they have launched the following at 103/803:

  • ITV HD (Yorkshire East)
  • ITV HD (Central East)
  • ITV HD (Anglia West)
  • ITV HD (Meridian North)
  • ITV HD (Meridian South)​

So, if you’re looking to tune in, take these recent changes into account.

Sky ITV HD changes in 2020

Over on the Sky website, the changes are acknowledged and the company explains that “ITV is making some changes to increase their HD offering.”

The TV service changes were put into effect from Tuesday, October 20th 2020.

Fortunately, they assure customers that they’ll still be able to record the programmes they desire to see, outlining the following steps:

  • Go to your Sky planner and delete any planned recordings you have set on ITV SD, ITV+1 or ITV HD.
  • Re-select what you want to record from in the TV Guide.

As for shows already recorded, Sky adds that those recorded ahead of October 20th won’t be affected by the service changes that have now been implemented.

Also, it’s worth giving a shout-out to ITV Player in the Catch-up area, as this is still a great way to tune into some quality ITV programming.

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