Good Bones fans have been left asking ‘what happened to Stefanie Hawk?’ after a touching tribute was added to the episode Little Pink House on Palmer.

HGTV’s house-flipping series, Good Bones, is as much about renovating houses as it is about its hosts, Karen E. Laine and daughter Mina Starsiak Hawk.

Since the show began airing in 2016, we’ve followed Karen and Mina across Indianapolis as they’ve renovated countless houses.

Along the way, we’ve been introduced to an ever-increasing number of their family members, who have all chipped in to help with their ambitious rebuilding projects.

However, tragedy struck Karen and Mina’s family earlier in 2020 and a tribute has been added to the season 4 episode Little Pink House on Palmer, leaving fans asking ‘what happened to Stefanie Hawk?’

What happened to Stefanie Hawk?

  • Stefanie Hawk tragically passed away earlier in 2020.

Stefanie Hawk, who is Mina Starsiak Hawk’s sister-in-law unexpectedly passed away on March 26th, 2020.

Mina and her husband, Steve Hawk, announced the tragic news in a pair of Instagram posts which paid tribute to Stefanie.

The causes of Stefanie’s death are unknown as her family has never publically revealed that information.

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Mina Starsiak Hawk pays tribute to sister-in-law

Writing on Instagram, Mina Starsiak Hawk didn’t reveal any details about Stefanie’s passing but rather chose to celebrate her life and love of animals instead, saying:

“If you knew her at all, you knew her pups were her world. And her passion for animal rescue was just a small part of her amazing spirit.”

“The Asher House held a special place in her heart. In lieu of flowers, we would love donations be made on her behalf.”

Tragically, given the fact Stefanie passed away in March when the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic was really becoming clear, a funeral gathering was not possible as Mina explained:

“Given this impossible situation we are all in with the restrictions we need to respect, we have decided that a gathering will not be possible. As soon as we can make some decisions, we will share information regarding a celebration of Stef’s life.”


Good Bones fans react to Stefanie’s passing

Good Bones fans were clearly saddened by the news of Stefanie’s passing when Mina broke the news back in March with more than 7,000 fans commenting messages of support on Mina’s Instagram post.

One fan on Instagram wrote: So sorry for the loss in your family, I just saw it on TV today as I am watching one of your shows. Please know that you and your family will be in prayer.”

While another added: ” Loved the little pink cottage episode, it was perfect for Stefanie and her doggies, and done with so much love. So very sorry for her premature loss; especially during these unsettling times.”

And finally, this fan commented: “I just watched the Pink House show as well..I thought it was in memory of their mom until I looked at the birth very sad! Sending love and prayers to you and all who loved her”

Good Bones is expected to return to HGTV for new episodes in 2021.

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