A worker at the Teal Beck House care home has been filming residents and uploading the videos to TikTok, and it will make your day.

If you need something to make you smile today, then we’ve got just the thing. A care home in West Yorkshire has been going viral on TikTok after the deputy manager began posting videos of the residents, and it’s so adorable.

Filming TikTok’s was a way of lifting the spirits of the residents after Covid-19 meant they couldn’t be visited by their families, and the videos are sure to put a smile on your face.

The Teal Beck House care home goes viral on TikTok

Anchor’s Teal Beck House care home in Otley has gone viral on social media this week after a worker began filming hilarious videos with the residents and uploading them to her TikTok profile @emmathackray8.

Behind the TikTok account is Emma Thackray, deputy manager at the home, who began creating the videos to bring a bit of fun and laughter to the home during lockdown.

As reported by the Express and Star, Emma started ‘TikTok Friday’ as a way to boost the spirits of the residents who were stuck indoors and unable to be visited by their family following the outbreak of Covid-19.

“It started at the beginning of the pandemic. I felt like we needed a little bit of a boost, a little bit of fun going on. I’d not really done TikTok before but we did one and we all had such a brilliant time, such fun and laughter,” she said.

One video has had almost 400,000 views

The Teal Beck House videos started gaining a lot of social media attention after one particular video went viral and started appearing on everyone’s ‘For You’ page.

Posted back in September, the video shows one of the residents acting along to the lyrics Dolly Parton’s popular hit ‘9 to 5’. The video accumulated 389,000 views and 41,000 likes, and was certainly adored by TikTok users.

“The 9 To 5 one was the tip of the iceberg, that’s the best one we’ve done, everybody loved that one. It’s amazing, I cannot believe how popular it has been, I really can’t,” said deputy manager Emma.

The Teal Beck House make BBC News

It was a pretty exciting day for the Teal Beck House residents yesterday (October 20th) as their TikTok videos became so popular that they actually appeared on BBC News.

An adorable video posted to the Teal Beck House Twitter shows the residents watching themselves on the telly, laughing and enjoying themselves despite currently being under Tier 2 lockdown and still being unable to see their families.

Emma Thackray went live on BBC Breakfast and explained how she puts all the videos on social media to reassure the families of the residents that they are “well, happy and content in the home”.

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