A TikTok user has gone viral showing off her coffee creamer hack, and you’re going to wish you knew this secret sooner.

One big genre of videos on TikTok are hack videos, as people from all over the world enjoy showing off their tips and tricks that’ll make your everyday tasks quicker and easier.

The latest hack only really applies to people in America who like to put creamer in their tea or coffee, but if you are from the States you’re going to be absolutely obsessed with it.

Here is the best coffee creamer hack you’ll ever see.

You’ll love this coffee creamer hack

A TikTok user called @carlyrose352 has gone viral on the social media app after she posted a video showing her followers a hack for when you’re struggling to open your coffee creamer.

If you’re not from the USA, creamer is a non-dairy alternative to milk that is often added to coffee or tea. You don’t get it in the UK, but it’s really popular in America.

The bottle comes with a really annoying silver film that can sometimes be difficult to get off, which is where this coffee creamer hack comes in.

@carlyrose352 showed her followers that instead of struggling to get the silver foil off with your hands, you should use the lid to create a small hole in the film instead – and it’s genius!

Watch the brilliant hack below.

The coffee creamer hack went viral

Since the video was posted to TikTok on October 2nd, it has been going viral, and it seems like everyone is obsessed with the hack.

The video has accumulated a huge 1.2 million views and 74,000 likes, and it even got shown on Good Morning America.

Lots of people have also commented on the video to express their love of the hack. Some popular comments were “genius”, “mind blown” and “love it”.

Some people aren’t a fan of the hack

Whilst most people are completely mind blown by the hack and will without a doubt be using it when opening their own creamer, there are also some who are sceptical of it.

One popular comment on the video claimed that the hack wasn’t great because when you pierce the foil with he lid, small pieces of aluminium will fall into the creamer.

Others said that they are simply too OCD to open their creamer in that way, needing to get every last piece of foil off before they use the creamer.

What’s your verdict? Coffee creamer hack, yay or nay?

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