Brand new AR mapping tasks have come to Pokémon Go. Players can help bring a new Augmented Reality feature to the game by taking a video scan of a PokéStop or gym in order to receive special items.

AR is nothing new to Pokémon Go – the game has projected Pokémon into the real world using smartphone cameras since its initial release in 2016. Later, the ability to play with buddy Pokémon was introduced, which also uses Augmented Reality.

By scanning and mapping all PokéStops around the world, Niantic hopes to add a special new way for players to interact with the real world while playing the game.

How to do AR mapping tasks in Pokémon Go

To complete an AR mapping task in Pokémon Go, first spin a PokéStop, then tap on the special task in the Field Research tab (found by first tapping the binoculars in the bottom right of the screen). You’ll then be asked to record a video of the PokéStop, slowly walking around it.

On-screen prompts from Professor Willow will help with the scanning. To create the best map, Niantic wants players to walk all the way around a PokéStop, although where this isn’t possible, filming one side of it will be adequate.

Niantic is also looking for scans in different weather and lighting conditions, so don’t worry if your recording looks dark or blurry.

Who can perform AR mapping research?

Bear in mind that not everyone will be allowed to perform AR mapping tasks in Pokémon Go. These research opportunities will only be available for trainers over level 20, and it won’t be possible for Niantic Kids accounts to participate due to privacy issues.

Those who can’t participate shouldn’t worry too much, as while the mapping tasks produce interesting rewards (such as Rare Candy), they don’t provide game-changing loot that can’t be accessed another way.

For those who are able to participate in Pokémon Go’s AR mapping tasks, this is a neat way to gain new items and help improve the game for others. That said, mapping isn’t an essential task, so those who don’t perform these research missions won’t feel left out in any meaningful way.

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