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Yannick Bolasie has taken to Twitter to defend Jordan Pickford, after a handful of vile internet trolls sent abuse to the goalkeeper’s partner on Instagram.

The hateful comments come Pickford’s way after his tackle caused damage to Virgil van Dijk’s anterior cruciate ligament in the Merseyside derby.

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Bolasie wrote: ‘We grew up with morals and a code….family/Kids always off limits regardless of situation, bullying peoples partners by sending threats is cowardly.

‘People from that side of the fence need to speak out now and end it….media need to get off it too as they’re inciting this more.’

The former Crystal Palace winger – who earns £75k-a-week at Goodison Park according to Spotrac – is spot on with his assessment of the situation.

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Pickford doesn’t deserve the hate himself for what was a poor, but unfortunate, challenge which meant no malice.

In that respect, his partner and child most certainly don’t deserve to be brought into this by a morally-vacant section of football fans, if they can even be called that.

We need to see more of the ex-Sunderland glovesman’s teammates coming out and doing what Bolasie did, if this media onslaught is to stop before it potentially becomes overwhelming for Pickford, if it hasn’t already.

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Footballers get injured – it’s part and parcel of the game, as sad as it can be.

What isn’t, and cannot become, part of the game are hateful comments, especially those aimed at innocent family members of footballers.

Bolasie has set the tone here, and others must follow.

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