One of the spookiest new Halloween-themed weapons available in Call of Duty: Warzone is the iconic Cleaver; a knife that will look familiar to anyone who’s watched one of a hundred different slasher films or horror movies.

Getting hold of the Cleaver can be a bit tricky, not least because its location is randomised every time you play, but also because the Warzone actually gives a misleading clue as to its whereabouts.

Nevertheless, with a bit of persistence, it won’t take too much time or effort to find and equip the Cleaver weapon.


How to find the Cleaver in Warzone

To get the Cleaver, play any Warzone mode (Battle Royale, Plunder, etc), and search the Prison for chests. Blueprints for the Cleaver will be hidden inside one of these chests, although the specific location will differ for every playthrough.

The game unhelpfully suggests that this loot can be found in the Gulag, but if you search this section of the map, you won’t find it. start your search in the Prison, opening every chest you find until you get lucky.

When you find the right chest, a message will flash on-screen reading “Gulag Loot Found”. You’ll then have access to the Warzone blueprint for the Cleaver, although it won’t be instantly accessible as you’ll first need to equip it as your melee weapon.

How to equip the Cleaver for melee combat

To equip the Cleaver in Warzone, you need to change your Loadout. Go to your Combat Knife, then click on Armory, then select the blueprint for the Cleaver.

This weapon can now be used as your melee weapon in multiplayer combat missions.

The Cleaver but one of several Halloween-themed new weapons and accessories dotted throughout Call of Duty: Warzone. Players will have until the end of the month to track everything down.

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