Slang terms have been around forever, and have only become more popular with the use of the internet, and the development of social media.

The latest term to go viral is 11320, and this term appears to be very cryptic, given that it is a number rather than a word.

People have been curious to see what this means, and many Twitter users have been trying to work it out themselves.

Luckily we know the meaning behind 11320, so read on to find out.

What does 11320 mean?

11320 means November 3rd 2020, and is an abbreviation for that date.

November 3rd 2020 is Election Day in the US, which is when the president of the United States becomes elected.

This year, the presidential candidates are Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and many people have been using the term 11320 to show their support for their presidential choice.

Many Twitter users have also been using the term ‘864511320’.

What does 864511320 mean?

864511320 includes the term 11320, which is the date of election day 2020.

Let’s break it down:

According to Urban Dictionary and Twitter, 86 means “Get rid” or “Cancel.”

45 refers to Donald Trump, as he is the 45th President of the United States.

11320 means November 3rd 2020, which is Election Day 2020.

Therefore, 864511320 means “Get rid of Donald Trump 2020.”

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